Emily Kaldwin

Fic: No Kindness

Author: agypsyw
Rating: 15
Summary: Emily Kaldwin becomes the empress she was never supposed to be.
Pairings/Characters: No romantic pairing but Emily&Corvo's father-daughter relationship features prominently. Emily Kaldwin, Corvo Attano, Piero Joplin, Anton Sokolov, mentions of Daud
Disclaimer: I own nothing, all rights to rightful owner(s).
Warnings: spoilers for high chaos ending, murder and violence and blood, quite a bit of angst
A/N: I have been writing this story since late december when I first finished the game, in my head and then on paper and now on here. And it still isn't finished, as there is to be a second part when I get round to writing it. I wanted to tell the story of high chaos!Emily and Corvo post-game and this part focuses on Emily, while the next will be more of Corvo and his crushing guilt. So there you have it.

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Fic: Don't go cause you know we'll both break

Author: agypsyw
Rating: 15
Pairings/Characters: Katherine/Klaus, Katherine Von Swartzchild, Klaus, mentions of the Salvatore brothers
Disclaimer: I own nothing at all, all rights to rightful owner(s).
Warnings: Abuse, and quite brutal murder? (there's blood so...) Also vampire cannibalism- because I can't seriously be the only one that thinks vampires drinking other vampire's blood can be classed as cannibalism right?
A/N: So this is kind of like a story within a story but all connected regardless. The first and last sections are the same, the dash at the end of the first section links to the start of the last, okay? Okay. And then in the middle is a story that is the reasoning why of the events that occur in the outer layer. I don't know, I hope that isn't too complicated. Also I blame my sudden overuse of dashes from reading too much Emily Dickinson poetry so just go with that, it's a more poetic style I've been trying out basically.

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Fic: Your words have haunted me

Author: agypsyw
Rating: R
Pairings/Characters: Katherine/Klaus, Katherine Von Swartzchild, Klaus, mentions of the Salvatore brothers and Elena Gilbert. 
Disclaimer: I own neither these characters of the book series they come from, all rights go to the publishes of the books.
Warnings: Abuse (emotional more so than physical in this one) and some sexual content. 

A/N: So this turned out a lot more abstract than I previously attended so just go with the flow alright? It's fair to say it's a little non-linear in structure but hopefully you'll be able to follow.

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Ficlet: Tra verità e bugie

Title: Tra verità e bugie (Between truth and lies)
Author: agypsyw
Pairing: Lucrezia/Cesare
Rating: PG
Warning: Incestuous tones
Disclaimer: I obviously own nothing.
Notes: Set pre-show and is a very short piece, two snap shots really. Also excuse any italian language mistakes, I admit to using Google translate. Also excuse any historical, ect... inequities. I'm very new to this fandom after watching the entire series over this last week and these two utterly transfixed me so I had to write for them.
Summary: Lucrezia's thoughts during childhood on the love she holds for her brother Cesare.
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Fic: Lost in the Haze

Title: Lost in the haze
Author: agypsyw
Summary: He loves her company, she's so quirky and passionate and a little bit crazy and it's never boring with her around. Blaine and Rachel's future relationship in snippets.
Characters: Blaine, Rachel, Kurt, mentions of Finn and one mention of Quinn
Pairings: Blaine/Rachel, illusions of Rachel/Finn and mentions of Blaine/Kurt
Rating: R
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Matt. Morning

Fic: Pillow Talk

Summary: The very different mornings of Abby, Connor, Jess, Adam, Matt and Becker shown in three ficlets, dealing with the events of 4x06. 
Characters: Abby, Connor, Jess, Adam(oc), Matt and Becker 
Pairings: Abby/Connor, Jess/Adam(oc) and Matt/Becker
Rating:  15
Timeline: Set straight after 4x06
Warnings/Spoilers: Course language and heavy spoilers for 4x06
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Fic: The Silence of Words

Summary: They're both hiding and it takes each other to realise what the other is doing. 
Characters: OC, Jess with mentions of Becker, Matt, Abby and Connor 
Pairings: OC/Jess, one sided Jess/Becker and one mention of Matt/Becker 
Rating: 15
Timeline: Starts pre-series and spans out to a little while after 4x01 and just beyond
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Fic: For Your Entertainment

Summary: Becker's bedridden and bored out of his mind and it's up to Matt to entertain him. 
Characters: Becker and Matt with brief mentions of the rest of the team and Becker's mother 
Pairings: Becker/Matt  
Rating: 15
Timeline: Post 4x04 but pre 4x05
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